Mailing 101

Daily First Class Mail Program

Maintaining a mail meter can be expensive. There are meter rental fees, supply and maintenance costs, time spent on staff training, and other incidental charges. If you're interested in decreasing your department's daily mailing costs, we can help!

The Daily Mail Program allows us to easily process and bill back postage and labor charges to your department. There is no cost to sign up, however, an $11.50 monthly charge will be assessed if mail is processed on your EFS string during that month.

Signing Up

To enroll in the Daily Mail Program, we will need the following information:

  • Department name
  • Contact name
  • Phone number
  • Campus mail address
  • A valid EFS string that is budgeted to accept charges from Addressing & Mailing on account 720317

Upon enrollment, we will provide you with pre-printed barcode slips (or a PDF for you to print from) containing your EFS information. A copy of this slip MUST be submitted with your outgoing mail to allow us appropriately track postage and labor charges.

It is very important that the slip not be altered once it's produced. The EFS information is hardcoded into the printed barcode, and allows us to easily track postage charges for the many departments that send us their mail. Manual entry of EFS strings causes delays in processing, and results in preventable data entry errors.

If changes need to be made to the information on your barcode slip, please email us, and we will be happy to create new or updated slips for you.

Outgoing mail can be sent to us via Campus Mail or UMarket Courier. To schedule a one-time courier pickup, please use the U Market Services Courier Order Form. To schedule a recurring pickup, please contact Jeff Kalvik at 612-626-1389.

Outgoing mail must be received by 2pm to guarantee same day processing. If your mail arrives after 2pm, it may not go out until the next business day.

Barcode slips should be used only for outgoing USPS mail pieces. For UPS shipments, please use our UPS Shipping Authorization Form.