Mailing 101

International Mail

Addressing & Mailing Services offers multiple options for sending mail internationally. Depending on the method selected, cost and delivery timeframe may vary considerably. If you have any questions about the methods described below, please contact our international mail specialist at 612-626-1504.

USPS International

USPS offers delivery of international mail to more than 180 countries. Tracking is included for Global Express Guaranteed, Priority Mail Express International, and Priority Mail International. Tracking can be added for an additional charge for First-Class Mail International and First-Class Package International Service. Customs requirements will vary by piece weight and destination country.

Please see the USPS International Mail Services webpage to get detailed service descriptions, and pricing estimates.

DHL Express International

DHL specalizes in international shipping. Addressing & Mailing Services is able to offer discounted DHL shipping rates, and many packages shipped via DHL arrive at their international destination within just a few days of leaving our facility.

For a cost or delivery timeframe estimate, please send us an email that includes the destination address, approximate package weight, and a description of the contents.

Bulk Rate International

For multiple-piece international mailings, we work with an international mail presorting company to receive discounted per pound rates. These pieces can be sent as 'priority' or 'standard.' Standard delivery is less expensive, but may be delayed a few extra days. Priority delivery will arrive more quickly, but has higher postage costs.

Bulk rate is the default method for sending the international portion of your data list when your job is done in-house. It will be sent as 'priority' if the domestic portion of your mailing was First Class, and 'standard' if the job was done as Standard or Nonprofit.